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Over the years, consultants have been using the CPO customer’s licensed CPOtracker system to develop, manage and maintain the client’s plans. Some consultants have developed plans for the CPO customer and turned the ongoing maintenance over to the client while others have established an ongoing maintenance arrangement. CPO realized that CPOtracker’s unique features and capabilities supported the consultant’s need to quickly and easily develop plans and continue to maintain those plans going forward with a minimum level of effort. However, just like with other planning tools, the client had to license the tool and make it available to the consultant.
CONSULTANT PACKAGE OF PLANNING TOOLS AND SERVICES CPO offers a package of services to the consultant that includes a license to use the CPOtracker system. With this offering, the consultant now has a planning tool whereby they are not dependent upon their client to license a planning tool, but can independently offer to build the client’s plans and, if desired, manage and maintain them going forward. One consultant licensed system is capable of simultaneously managing any number of client companies or organizations of any size. Prices for the Consultant Package provides for no outlay of expense to use the CPOtracker system until the consultant has secured a consulting agreement with the client. The Consultant Package includes training on the CPOtracker system with an ongoing Help Desk regarding its use and application as well as DR/BC planning support if needed. This opportunity opens the door for the consultant to offer a range of planning services tailored to their client’s specific short term and long term planning needs and budget.  
CPO offers a package of tools and services supporting Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning consultants
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Develop plans for the client and provide ongoing maintenance, provide scheduled updates of plan supporting information and updated plans as desired. Consider the following: o In this case, the client does not have to go through the timely and expensive process of buying a planning tool o The client’s employees don’t have to learn another software tool. o The client will work with the consultant to provide information for the consultant to develop the plan(s). The planning process can begin in a shorter period of time and result in having the plan in a shorter period of time with less distraction to the client’s core business. o In many cases where this service can be applied, it can be proven that the consultant can develop plans for the client in a shorter period of time at a lesser expense than the client can do it. o And, with additional service provided as described below, the client retains the option to bring the ongoing maintenance in-house at any time in the future and retain the consultant for ongoing planning support at whatever level desired. Develop plans for your client with no ongoing maintenance arrangement. In this case, the consultant can archive the plans for possible future use if the client should choose to have the plans updated at some time in the distant future. If the client prefers to take over the maintenance of the plan the consultant developed, the consultant can sell the client a hosting license (SaaS) to the CPOtracker system and transfer the populated database from the consultant’s CPOtracker system to the client’s CPOtracker system. CPO will assist the consultant through the sales and system transfer/setup process and provide the consultant with a recurring commission on the sale. The consultant could sell the CPOtracker system to the client upfront and receive a recurring commission. Optionally, the consultant can contract with the client to develop their plans using the client’s CPOtracker license.   Contact a CPO representative to answer your specific questions and schedule a demo of the CPOtracker system: 803-712-6105 or
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