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While CPO’s planning tool, CPOtracker™, and supporting services have been successfully applied to a wide range of public and private sector organizations, it is in the education sector that we have become best known and have the greatest number of customers. Our education sector client base includes small, medium and large universities and colleges across the US with some having campuses outside the US. CPO Products and Services CPO has established a Hosting Services Package that includes a subscription license to its preparedness management software tool, CPOtracker, and supporting services at whatever level needed for the client to be successful in building and maintaining: Disaster Recovery plan for Information Technology Business Continuity Plan for Administration and Student Affairs Emergency Management Plan providing for the safety of students, faculty and staff as well as for the critical assets of the university.    Click here for more information on CPO’s Product and Services Pricing Price is based on the number of plans needed and locations supported. Subscribe to only what you need initially and add as your needs expand and budget allows. Contact a CPO representative for a brief discussion to determine your needs and the associated price. Alliances CPO has established relationships with the following educational groups. If your college or university is a member of one of the groups listed below, they will be eligible for price discounts. CPO welcomes the opportunity to establish new relationships with other educational groups. Contact CPO for qualifications. Knowing that other educational facilities within your group are addressing preparedness with the same planning tools and methodology is a significant benefit to your preparedness program.  AJCU (Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities) - contact CPO for specific discounts available. (CPO contact information link) NERCOMP – (Northeast Regional Computing Program) - NERCOMP members may view a recorded webinar that includes a brief PowerPoint on CPO’s Products and Services and then goes into an actual demo of the planning tool, CPOtracker. 
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