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Software and Services for Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, COOP and Emergency Management
You can select any combination of products and services to either bring your existing plan under control or build a complete business continuity management program.
CPOtracker Software Tool - Our business continuity plan development and maintenance package that allows the user to incorporate plans and documents to quickly produce Emergency Response & Recovery Plans that may easily be distributed to individuals within an organization. Once the plans are created, the user can continue to monitor and manage the preparedness process and know at all times how ready the organization is to respond to and recover from a disaster situation. In each case where CPOtracker has been installed, the user has been trained and productive in two weeks or less. 
Incident Management System - While the CPOtracker system will support the client’s preparation for the disaster and the Automatic Notification System will alert everyone quickly, the Incident Management System will allow the client to manage the tasks and resources supporting the response and recovery effort. The client will know where the problems are, who and what is available to support other areas in order to recover in the shortest period of time as smoothly as possible. Without the Incident Management System team members, employees, vendors, and customers are unsure and unaware of the overall status and issues needing to be addressed.
Automatic Notification System - At time of disaster, to get important information out to recovery team members, employees, vendors and supplies, customers and the media, etc. is virtually impossible through phones and a manual “call tree” procedure. CPO offers an Automatic Notification System that can also be used for other than disaster situations to quickly and effectively communicate. The system can turn text into voice and voice into text and burst out the message in all communication ways to everyone and repeat the send until a response is confirmed. The status of receipt and response can be monitored via the Internet.
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