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The CPO Methodology and supporting DR/BC planning tool, CPOtracker, will facilitate your organization's effort to become as protected as possible, as soon as possible.  Over the years we have seen that most Written Plans are not maintained at the complete and accurate level necessary to potentially support a successful recovery. There are many reasons, but the primary one is maintenance. Traditional plan writing techniques create a maintenance nightmare, plans that have been written beyond the capability of the organization’s committed resources, or its methodology to support. With most companies and organizations currently in a position of having either an outdated plan or no plan at all, CPO suggests they first address becoming as protected as possible, as soon as possible. The need to establish Teams, collect contact information, address off-site storage needs for both IT and Business Units as well as determine respective places to recover for each are fundamental to recovery planning and need to be addressed first. This first initiative will become the infrastructure supporting the more formal planning process, which then can be addressed from a position of being better prepared. CPO’s philosophy and supporting methodology has been used successfully for many years in large and small organizations, both public and private. Contingency Planning Standards  CPO believes that in order to successfully address contingency planning in any organization, it must be viewed as a program consisting of several critical components. If any one of the critical components is not addressed, the possibility of recovery is jeopardized.
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