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CPOtracker is designed to assist with the development and ongoing maintenance of plans as well as allow you to know how ready you are, at any given time, to effectively respond to and recover from any emergency or disaster situation. The CPOtracker system is intuitive, flexible and very user friendly. Web based - Client Hosted or CPO Hosted, your choice.. Provides accountability for “who owns what” throughout the system. Unlimited number of concurrent users when you host the application.  A number of Base Templates that support an Emergency Response Plan are included. A more comprehensive Template Package comprised of over 60 templates and supporting consulting time is also available. Incident Command System team structure and required named positions are easily blended into your specific organizational needs to quickly produce an effective way of complying with ICS. As team and plan information are updated, Recovery Plans can be easily and quickly generated for distribution within CPOtracker. Your plans may consist of any document (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, PDF, etc) and any number of CPOtracker system reports. Can support any number of locations while sharing common information across locations. Pricing is structured to accommodate any size organization, public or private. Ongoing Help Desk support is included for the first year. No Long-term Contracts - CPO does not require a long term contract. With the perpetual license provided, ongoing maintenance and support after the first year is optional. We believe that by providing excellent service and enhancing our system you will want to remain an active client. We can install, train and have you in a productive planning position within two weeks. Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our contracts state that if you are not satisfied with our product and/or service we will provide a full refund.
We would welcome the opportunity to perform a demonstration of our CPOtracker system and discuss how it can be applied to support your needs.
For additional product information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact Tim Lord at (803) 712-6105 or 
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