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Emergency Response Plan Development Service
Preparedness often focuses on Information Technology, Business Continuity and Facilities Management. CPO recognizes that these plans may provide for some protection of personnel and facilities, but it may be limited to just those involved in the response and recovery of the specific functions they are focusing on. A Disaster Recovery plan provides for the recovery of Information Technology regarding critical systems. Business Continuity plans provide for the recovery of critical business departments and units. A Facilities Management plan provides for the restoration of the building and related contents. Most organizations struggle with keeping their DR, BC and FM plans current. Therefore, if information and procedures are included in these plans to provide for the safety and well being of personnel and property, they very well may not be at a current level at time of need. An Emergency Response Plan (ERP) provides for the safety and well being of all personnel and protects company assets. The ERP is what will be activated immediately upon learning of a pending emergency or disaster situation. It is intended to provide the instructions and supporting information allowing personnel on-site at the time of emergency or disaster to quickly respond in making decisions that could save lives and mitigate damage to assets and resources
CPO will work with your assigned personnel to coordinate the collection of information, existing policy statements and procedures that will be compiled into the Emergency Response Plan. With reasonable response and support from the client, an ERP can be developed and implemented within two weeks. The primary information to be included will be, but not limited to:      · Mission statements      · Media policy and procedure      · Employee contact information      · External Resource information      · Evacuation plans with assembly points      · Emergency communications methods and procedures      · Location of incident command centers      · Additional policy statements, procedures and information
CPO’s ERP Service - What is Included:
Ongoing Maintenance Maintenance of established plans is the most difficult aspect to being prepared at time of need. Over 90% of established plans become outdated and in-effective within six months to a year after initially being developed. CPO Maintained - CPO will use its preparedness management tool, CPOtracker, to manage and maintain your ERP on a suggested quarterly basis. We will update contact information, confirm the viability of all other information and documents, and present you with both a hard and soft copy of the ERP. Client Maintained – If the Client prefers to perform the ongoing maintenance, CPO will offer the CPOtracker system already populated and provide training as well as ongoing Help Desk support. Fees for the initial development of an ERP depend upon the size of your organization regarding the number of buildings, number of employees the amount of additional information desired to be included.
ERP and Your DR, BC and FM Planning
The ERP can become an excellent foundation from which to build your DR, BC and FM plans. It would be a logical and easy process to move forward in bringing your existing DR, BC and FM plans under the control of the CPOtracker system or start collecting and building what you need to support them. The ERP can provide a degree of protection to your organization and demonstrate due-diligence while you move forward at a pace your schedule and budget allows. CPO has the best plan development and management tool on the market today, CPOtracker. With CPOtracker combined with a logical and systematical approach to planning, you can move forward through a process that starts out protecting your most important asset, your people. Then, move forward with DR, BC at whatever pace you desire. The end result will be a preparedness management program established with a methodology and system that will allow you to keep everything current going forward.
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